The Shiba inu is a cryptocurrency that takes its name from a breed of Japanese dogs. The price of this virtual currency has risen sharply in recent weeks. It has jumped by 777% in the last thirty days. Here is everything you need to know about this new currency.

A dog from Japan with a red and white coat, small eyes and triangular-shaped ears … The shiba inu is very popular on the internet where this canine is the subject of countless “memes” , these humorous images that are available in envy.


Shiba inu is also the name of a cryptocurrency whose value has risen sharply in recent weeks, jumping 777% over the past 30 days, according to the American magazine Fortune , specializing in financial news. This Thursday, October 28, 2021, the value of the Shiba inu reached its record, according to the specialized site Coinmarketcap  : around 0.00008841 dollars (the price has since fallen slightly). Or around € 0.000076! It is very little, but these are still figures never reached, for this cryptocurrency.

What is the Shiba inu?

The Shiba inu is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin , the most famous of them. Like these other virtual currencies, it relies on blockchain , a technology that allows, among other things, to keep track of a set of transactions in a secure, decentralized and transparent manner.

What is his story ?

This virtual currency was born in August 2020, it was created by an Internet user whose pseudonym is “Ryoshi”, of whom we know … very little.

This cryptocurrency was presented very early on as being the “killer of Dogecoin” , indicated the Fortune magazine as early as May 2021. Dogecoin  ? It is another cryptocurrency, whose universe also refers to that of shiba inu dogs, and whose price has risen sharply in recent months.


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